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Farmers of the Earth

Farmers of the Earth - Het gedicht


Farmers of the Earth

Let’s remember our true duty

We may harverst all her gifts

but respect all of her beauty


Sustain her fertile soil

and all that lives upon

never take more than we give

but look around what we have done..


We poisoned and destroyed

with chemics all around

the breaking of the grass

the one remaining sound


No grass, even no flowers

between our orchard’s trees

a ‘practical’ sad desert

a disaster for the bees


Recall what Einstein said:

“When the bees cease to exist

mankind will be the next

on Mother Earth her deadman’s list”


So let’s remember our old knowledge

we once knew so very well..

co-operate with nature

instead of burning hell..


Acknowledge every living being

as a part of nature’s chain

don’t try to rule creation

let harmony remain


So let’s be grateful and respectful

let’s be silent and be true

just honour our dear Mother Earth

that’s all we have to do...








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Oudeweierenstraat 9,

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